Digital Turbine supports Apple’s SKOverlay class to allow DSPs to drive increased app installs and give a native user experience to their iOS 14+ audience.

Adopting SKOverlay allows our buy-side partners to maximize creative optimization by adding a high-engagement feature to their ads. We ensure SKOverlay is adopted efficiently and optimally for real-time bidding. 

Bid Request

Unless requested otherwise, DT includes a new SKOverlay attribute in the BidRequest.imp.ext.skadn object in the bid request that provides the relevant fields used to control the SKOverlay. The attribute is only present if the DT SDK and OS versions (iOS 14 and above) support SKOverlay.


Attribute Description Type Example
version Supported version of SKAdNetwork. Always "2.0" or higher. Dependent on both the OS version and the SDK version. String "version":"2.0"
sourceapp ID of publisher app in Apple’s App Store. Should match String "sourceapp":"880047117"
skadnetids A subset of SKAdNetworkIdentifier entries in the publisher app’s info.plist that are relevant to the DSP. String Array ["SKAdNetwork1.skadnetwork"," SKAdNetwork2.skadnetwork"]
skoverlay List of attributes that should be provided on the bid response Array "skoverlay":["dismissible","delay","present",

Bid Response

If the bid request includes the BidRequest.imp.ext.skadn.skoverlay array, then a DSP can pass the following parameters using the below object on their bid response. If the object is present in the response, then DT will show the SKOverlay on the ad while following the guidelines set in the response.

Attribute Description Type Example
present Should DTX present the SKOverlay Binary “present”:1
(1 = Yes, 0 = No)
delay Delay in seconds before showing the overlay (0-60) int; default 0 “delay”: 3
(0 to 60 Seconds)
dismissible Should the SKOverlay be dismissable by the user Binary;
default 0
(1 = Yes, 0 = No)
pos Position of the overlay;
0 = bottom, 1 = bottom raised
default 1
(0 = bottom, 1 = bottom raised)
endcarddelay Delay in seconds before showing the overlay on top of the end card (0-60).
Use -1 if you do not want to show the overlay on top of the end card
int; default 0 “endcarddelay”:0
(-1 to 60 Seconds)
autoclose Time in seconds to automatically dismiss the overlay (0-60).
Value of 0 means no automatic dismiss
int; default 0 “autoclose”:0
(0 to 60 Seconds)
ext Placeholder for exchange-specific extensions to OpenRTB object “ext”:{}


Will Digital Turbine pass the new BidRequest.imp.ext.skadn.skoverlay array when the supply doesn’t support it?

No, this array will only be sent when supported.

In what cases is the BidRequest.imp.ext.skadn.skoverlay array sent?

BidRequest.imp.ext.skadn.skoverlay will only be sent for iOS 14+ inventory using DT Exchange SDK 8.1.9+.

How will Digital Turbine determine which app to show on the overlay?

Using the value we get on

Will Digital Turbine fire a click when showing the SKOverlay?

Digital Turbine Exchange SDK only fires clicks when a user initiates it, therefore, we will not fire a click when showing the SKOverlay.

Which ad types support SKOverlay on Digital Turbine?

We currently support SKOverlay on top of full screen VAST ads only.

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