Introduction to the Ignite Services API

The Ignite Services API exposes some of Ignite's functionality to the third-party trusted applications (host apps) via Android Interface Definition Language (AIDL). Ignite acts as a server providing abilities to retrieve applications, install or "get" application info, and update applications. Host applications using the Ignite Service API are treated as a client.

The following diagram outlines the main components for interacting with DT Ignite


1. Ignite

DT Ignite is a Dynamic Preload Platform (DPP) that allows DT Partners (Mobile Network Operators and Original Equipment Manufacturers) to assist in the application preinstall process. DT partners preload Ignite on Android devices in order to dynamically deliver applications over-the-air instead of having to preload them via firmware. End users can always uninstall any application installed via Ignite.

2. Ignite Services API

The Ignite Services API allows host applications to securely perform interactions with applications and application metadata. Example services include retrieving application metadata and installing and/or updating of Android applications. The Ignite Services API provides a method for suggesting, downloading, installing, opening, and updating apps along with reporting on app installation status. The underlying communication with Ignite Services API takes place using AIDL. To simplify integration with the API, avoid direct integrations with AIDL. Instead, manage integrations using the Ignite Services Client SDK, a software library that DT provides to wrap the AIDL interactions and provide a simple method for inclusion into host applications.

3. Ignite Services Client SDK

The Ignite Services Client SDK is a software library which provides a set of features to consume the Ignite Services API AIDL in a convenient and simple way. The Ignite Services Client SDK manages authentication and authorization, and it provides simple methods to consume all parts of the Ignite Services API. It is recommended that all integrator applications use only the Ignite Services Client SDK to consume Ignite Services APIs.

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