Google Ad Manager

The purpose of this article is to guide publishers who want to add Google Ad Manager as an ad network to DT FairBid Mediation. This is a six-step process:

  1. Create or login to your Google Ad Manager Account
  2. Create an app in GAM
  3. Create an Ad Unit for your app
  4. Retrieve parameters from the GAM dashboard
  5. Insert the GAM parameters into the DT Console
  6. Add the GAM SDK to your integration

Step 1: Create or Login to your GAM Account

Follow these steps to open an account with Google Ad Manager.

Step 2: Create an App in GAM

Follow these steps to add an app to Google Ad Manager. Make sure to follow the "published app" steps, if your app is listed in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 3: Create an Ad Unit for your App

Add Ad Units by following these steps.

Step 4: Retrieve Parameters from the GAM Dashboard

To enable GAM to work as an Ad Network on the DT FairBid Mediation platform, you must obtain a parameter from your GAM account and later insert it into the DT Console.

Google Ad Manager Parameter Description
App ID The unique ID of your app in the GAM system.

Retrieving the App ID

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager
  2. Click Inventory -> Apps
  3. Find the mobile app for which you need the ID
  4. ClickClick to copy to copy the "App ID" to your clipboard

Step 5: Insert the Google Ad Manager parameters into the DT Console

  1. Login into your DT FairBid account
  2. Select your app from the App Management window

  3. On the App Management page, click Mediated Networks

  4. Select GAM from the list

  5. Enter the parameters retrieved from the Google Ad Manager platform
  6. Click Save
  7. To complete the set up, you must associate the instance that was created on Google Ad Manager to the relevant Placement on the DT Console. For a detailed guide click here

Step 6: Adding the Google Ad Manager SDK to your Integration

To add the Google Ad Manager SDK go to the Supported Networks page, select Configuration for Google Ad Manager and follow the steps provided.



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