Flag End-Users as a Child

The "IsChild" API is designed to help publishers comply with age-related policies such as COPPA, GDPR, and Google Play’s Families Ads Program.

This API enables publishers to flag certain users as children. The term Children refers to individuals under a certain age, as defined under applicable data privacy laws.

This feature is available from DT FairBid SDK v.3.33.1 and higher.

Calling the API

This API must be called before initializing the SDK.

Upon calling this API, the FairBid SDK calls the respective APIs on the mediated networks that support it:

  • Privacy related APIs
  • APIs for not tracking the ad ID (in compliance with Google Family program policies)

Refer to this table to learn about networks compliance levels. This helps you understand which networks you should be using with your app and which extra steps you may need to take to ensure full compliance (to applicable laws, mediated network policies, and Play Store policies).

For further details on calling the API per OS, click the links below:

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