Payment and Billing

The Digital Turbine Payments Page provides you with a method to easily enter your payment and billing details and to view the current status of your account.

Billing Details

Now that you are signed up to Digital Turbine, follow these steps to enter your payment and billing details.

  1. Log in here, to your DT Account with your User Name and Password
  2. From the DT dashboard on the left menu click Finance >> Payment Details


Enter Personal Information

The Payment Details window opens:

  1. Enter your details for each field
  2. Click Next
  3. You are prompted to confirm your address. Click Edit Address to amend the details or click Confirm and Continue to move to the next step

Enter Payment Method

  1. From the Payment Method dropdown menu, select the required method and complete the payment details accordingly:

  1. Click Next


The Payment Method Done window is displayed:

You have now completed the process of entering your payment method on the DT Payments page.

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