Setting-Up DT Exchange

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Getting Started

The purpose of this guide to ensure you get the best out of Digital Turbine. Each tab above walks you through the first steps of the process to begin your DT experience.  Once you complete each step, move to the next tab.

Signing Up With DT

Signing up with DT is the first step to monetizing your app.

  1. Click here, to go to the console


  2. Enter all the required details in the Sign Up page
  3. Click Confirm.

Make sure to use your official email address as stated on the app store or your website.

Once you have completed the registration process and all of your information has been processed, DT sends you an official acceptance email.

Remember to check your spam folder if you can't find the mail in your inbox.


Logging in to Digital Turbine

Now that you've successfully signed up with DT,

  1. Use the credentials entered in the previous step to login to the console.
  1. Click Sign In.

You are directed to the App Management window.


Click here, to add your first app to the console.

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