Migrating from MoPub to DT FairBid

This article describes how to easily move your Unity project from MoPub to DT FairBid SDK. These are the main steps to complete the migration process:

  1. Remove the MoPub SDK from your project
  2. Download the latest version of the FairBid SDK
  3. Update the mediated network adapters to the latest supported versions
  4. Update integration code to work with the FairBid SDK 
  5. Test your integration via Test Suite

Step 1: Removing the MoPub SDK From your Project

  1. Delete the MoPub manager from your Unity IDE:
  2. Delete the MoPub folder completely:

Step 2: Downloading the Latest Version of the FairBid SDK 

DT FairBid supports two methods for the integration of Unity:

  • Integration through Unity's Package Manager
  • Importing DT FairBid Unity Plugin Raw Package

For more information, click here.

Step 3: Ensuring your Network Adapters are Updated

For details on updating your network adapters, click here

You can find a list of the most recent supported network SDK adapter versions here.

Step 4: Changing Integration Code to Work with the DT FairBid SDK 

You must initialize the DT FairBid SDK using your DT App ID. This only needs to be performed once, ideally when the app is launched. For more details, click here

If you want to report GDPR Consent, CCPA or COPPA per user, it is recommended to do this before your first init. You can learn more about it here.

MoPub DT FairBid
MoPub.InitializeSdk(SdkConfiguration); FairBid.Start("YOUR_APP_ID");

Rewarded Ads 

Rewarded ads are an engaging ad format that displays a short video ad to the user. In exchange for viewing the video, the user earns a reward. The user must consent and watch the video completely through to the end to earn the reward.

Learn more about implementing DT FairBid Rewarded Video ads here.


  MoPub DT FairBid
Load Ad RequestRewardedVideo(adUnit, mediationSettings, keywords, latitude, longitude, customerId); Rewarded.Request(placementId);
Check HasRewardedVideo(adUnit); Rewarded.IsAvailable(placementId);
Show Ad ShowRewardedVideo(adUnit); Rewarded.Show(placementId);


MoPub DT FairBid
OnRewardedVideoLoadedEvent OnAvailable
OnRewardedVideoFailedEvent OnUnavailable
OnRewardedVideoExpiredEvent N/A
OnRewardedVideoShownEvent OnShow
OnRewardedVideoClickedEvent OnClick
OnRewardedVideoFailedToPlayEvent OnShowFailure
OnRewardedVideoReceivedRewardEvent OnCompletion
OnRewardedVideoClosedEvent OnHide
OnRewardedVideoLeavingApplicationEvent N/A
N/A OnRequestStart


Interstitials are static or video ads presented before, during or after the user interacts with your app. The user can view and then immediately dismiss them. This is a non-rewarded format for the user. The DT FairBid SDK supports both static and video interstitials.

Use DT FairBid APIs to Load and Show interstitial ads. Learn more about interstitial ads here.


  MoPub DT FairBid
Load RequestInterstitialAd(adUnit); Interstitial.Request(placementId);
Show ShowInterstitialAd(adUnit); Interstitial.Show(placementId);


MoPubManager DT FairBid Callbacks
OnInterstitialLoadedEvent OnAvailable
OnInterstitialFailedEvent OnUnavailable
OnInterstitialDismissedEvent OnHide
OnInterstitialExpiredEvent N/A
OnInterstitialShownEvent OnShow
OnInterstitialClickedEvent OnClick


Banners are rectangle ads appearing either at the top or bottom of the screen when the user interacts with your app. The user can view them but cannot dismiss them. Banners are automatically refreshed by the DT FairBid SDK after a specified period of time.

Learn more about DT FairBid banners implementation and features here.


  MoPub DT FairBid
Load RequestBanner(adUnit, position, size); DT FairBid loads the banner for you, you only need to invoke show banner method
Show ShowBanner(adUnit, true) Banner.Show(placementId);
Destroy DestroyBanner(adUnit); Banner.Destroy(placementId);


MoPubManager FairBid Callbacks
OnAdLoadedEvent OnLoad
OnAdFailedEvent OnError
OnAdClickedEvent OnClick
OnAdExpandedEvent Not supported
OnAdCollapsedEvent Not supported

Providing Banner Position

You can show your banner at the top or bottom of your screen. By default, the banner is placed at the bottom of the screen. If you want to change this behavior, use the following code:

Specifying banner position: 

string placementId = "1234";
BannerOptions bannerOptions = new BannerOptions();
Banner.Show(placementId, bannerOptions);

Step 5: Testing your Integration via Test Suite

DT FairBid Test Suite allows you to check that your app is properly set-up and ready to mediate using DT FairBid mediation. DT FairBid Test Suite enables you to verify that the mediated networks you chose for the app are integrated successfully, Placements and Instances are set-up and run as expected and ads are served successfully.

Further documentation about the Test Suite is available here.

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