DT Exchange SDK bidding

SDK bidding is An advertising sales strategy that enables mobile app publishers to offer inventory to multiple demand sources in real-time through a unified auction. SDK bidding serves as the mobile app version of "header bidding." Thus, it encourages media buyers with different models to compete on an open RTB and provide an even playing field not delivered by "Ad Waterfalls." Yet, some partners can maintain a direct relationship with the publisher and use their SDK to gather data and render ads. (link to the marketing article).

SDK Bidding Key Factors

  • DT Exchange, for the first time, gets the request from a Meditation Platform rather than directly from a publisher
  • Two auctions occur in the process. The first is run by DT Exchange; the second is by the Mediation Platform. 

Bidding Vs. Waterfall 

Feature SDK Bidding Waterfall
Inventory Optimization Automatic Manual adjustments are needed
Winning Bid The mediation platform auction determines the winner DT Exchange determines the auction winner
Priority No priority, all buyers compete equally Buyers might be prioritized and placed higher on the waterfall
Process Real-time Sequential
Latency Low High
Traffic Access to the entire traffic of the publisher Limited access to traffic if not placed high on the waterfall
Ad Rendering
DT SDK renders the ad DT SDK renders the ad





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