API Authentication Keys

DT’s API endpoints are secured, and must be used with an authentication token

The first step is to obtain an authorization header for authentication. This enables you to use the DT API and be verified as a user within the DT Console. DT FairBid supports the following APIs:

  • DT FairBid Management API: provides a simple and quick method for publishers to create and maintain all settings required to monetize their apps with ads.
  • DT FairBid Reporting API:  enables you to access all the reporting data from the monetization ad units. You can query multiple metrics such as revenue and impressions across the available dimensions and even implement filters.
  • DT FairBid User Level Reporting API: enables you to access reporting data to measure all revenue generated from individual users. This information can be used to optimize retargeting campaigns and accurately measure user lifetime value.

Obtaining Verification Keys

Each of the three APIs mentioned above support different verification keys. Follow the steps below to identify their location on DT's Console and generate your verification keys according to the API you want to use.

  1. Click your login user name in the left-hand menu
  2. Click User Profile to open the User Profile Window
  3. There are three sets of credentials, for the three APIs:
    mceclip3.pngThe table below presents which set of credentials matches each API:
API Name Required Credentials  Name in Console
(User Profile)
DT FairBid Management API Client ID, Client secret  Management API - Credentials 
DT FairBid Reporting API Client ID, Client Secret  Advance Reporting API -Credentials 
DT FairBid User Level Reporting API Publisher ID, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret Basic Reporting API -Credentials 

Keep your all your credentials in a safe place, as they can be reused in the future.

  1. The next step is to place these keys in the Endpoint to generate your Access Token. Follow the instructions on the API guides: DT FairBid Management API, DT FairBid Reporting API, DT FairBid User Level Reporting API.

Generate New Keys 

If necessary, you can click mceclip5.png to delete the current credentials.

Then click mceclip6.png to receive the new credentials.


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