Setting-Up Offer Wall

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Getting Started 

Follow the progress bar to set up DT Offer Wall Edge. At the end of each page, continue to the next step along the progress bar to complete the process.

Signing-Up With DT

  1. Go to the Offer Wall Console


  2. Complete all the fields in the account sign-up

  3. Click mceclip1.png

After signing-up, you receive a form, complete it, and return it to us. Then we finalize your application and activate your account.

We handle each account request individually, which can cause a slight delay. Please check your spam if you have not heard from us after two full working days or e-mail us to follow up.

For details of User Management and inviting a new user, click here.

Signing-In to the Dashboard

  1. Go to the Console page

  2. Log in with the email and password you used to sign-up with DT

3. Click mceclip3.png

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