This article aims to guide publishers who want to use the DT FairBid SDK to load and display ads from HyprMX via DT FairBid Mediation.

To ensure the integration, follow this process:

  1. Using the HyprMX dashboard. 
  2. Inserting HyprMX parameter into DT's Console.
  3. Adding HyprMX SDK to your integration.

HyprMX currently supports the following ad formats:


  • Banners (supported from DT FairBid SDK version 3.21.1).
  • For additional information, please refer to Integration@HyprMX.com to learn about any additional formats they may now support.

Step 1: Using the HyprMX dashboard

HyprMX provides a managed service. To create an account with them, contact HyprMX directly at integration@hyprmx.com. Once the account is created, they set up your application and placement and retrieve the required parameters to activate HyprMx in your DT account.

Retrieving parameters from the HyprMX Dashboard

To enable HyprMX to work as an Ad Network with DT, you must obtain two parameters from your HyprMX account and insert them into the DT Console.

The details of the required parameters are set out below. 

HyprMX Parameter Description
Distributor ID The unique identifier of the distributor in the HyprMX system
Reporting API Key
The unique identifier of the Reporting API in the HyprMX system

The list of available Distributor IDs and Placement Names is displayed.

The “Placement Name” listed must be inserted in the “Instance ID” field when creating instances in DT Console. Click here for more details.

Step 2: Inserting HyprMX parameters into the DT Console

Follow these steps to enter the parameters obtained from HyprMX and insert them into the DT Console.

    1. Sign in to your DT account. 
    2. Select your app from the App Management window.
    3. On the App Management page, click Mediated Networks. 
    4. Select HyprMX from the list.

    5. Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 14.01.36.png
    6. Enter the HyprMX app credentials and set the Instance name. The instance name should be distinguishable in case you have multiple HyprMX Instances.
    7. Click Save.
    8. To complete the setup, you must associate the network instance you created with the relevant Placement setup on the console. For a detailed guide, click here.

Step 3: Adding the HyprMX SDK to your Integration

To add the HyprMX SDK, go to the Supported Networks page and follow the guide while selecting the Configuration for HyprMX.

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