Blocking Lists

Content blocking allows you to block ads presented on your apps from specific advertisers and categories. You can block advertiser domains and specific apps, as well as IAB categories. Certain content in various IAB categories is automatically blocked by Digital Turbine.

Creating Blocking Lists

The first step to begin blocking content is to enter the Blocking Lists page.

  1. On the top-left corner of the window, click your profile name


  2. Click Screen_Shot_2022-09-06_at_14.41.14.png to open the Blocking List window

You can now begin to add items to your blocking lists.

Use the Copy icon Screen_Shot_2021-07-28_at_13.58.38.png to copy from one app to another.

You can create blocking lists for the entire publisher account or per specific apps. All apps blocked at app level are automatically added to the list of blocked content at publisher level.

Blocking Advertiser Domains 

You can use this block list to block ads from specific advertisers across all your apps at account level. This only blocks an ad if the advertiser domain matches the domain provided by the advertiser (if any).


To add advertiser domains to the blocking list:

  1. On the Advertiser domains tab, click Screen_Shot_2022-07-18_at_16.10.58.png to open the Add Advertiser Domains window
  2. Enter the name of the domain in domain format (""), for example "".
    You can enter multiple domains separated by a comma.


  3. Click Save

The new advertiser domain is added to the list of blocked advertiser domains.


DT allows a maximum of 5000 domains. Entries must be at least 3 characters in length.

Click Per app blocking lists settings to view the blocking settings per app. 


Blocking Apps

On this tab, you can block ads from specific apps by entering the app's Android bundle ID or iOS app ID to block them.

To create blocking lists at app level:

  1. In the Blocking Lists window, click the Individual App Campaigns tab

The window is divided into blocked Android bundle IDs and blocked iOS app IDs.

  1. For both Android and iOS click Add To Block List and enter the Bundle or App ID for each app that you want to block.

The Bundle/App ID for each appears in the list of blocked apps.

DT blocks settings at both account level and app level, even if you


If you enter an incorrect Bundle or App ID, the system does not accept it.

The same applies if you enter an incorrect advertiser domain.

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