Performance vs Billing Data


Digital Turbine offers two different methods to analyze DT Offer Wall event data, which refers to actions performed by users e.g. clicks, installs and conversions. The first method is chronologically-based, meaning we aggregate and report on events as they occur in real-time. The second method aggregates event data and attributes it to the first touchpoint that the user had with an offer which is time of click. 

  • Event data aggregated in chronological order is referred to as Billing Data in DT's reporting tools. It is also what DT uses for billing purposes.
  • Event data aggregated to the time of user click is referred to as Performance Data in DT's reporting tools.


Let’s assume we have an offer that requires a user to install an app and reach level 10.  This means, what the advertiser deems as conversion is the user reaching level 10.


Performance Data

Click, install, conversion and the in-app purchase data is attributed to the first touchpoint the user had with the offer which is the click on Oct. 1st.

Billing Data

Click, install, conversion and the in-app purchase data is attributed to the time each event occurred, Oct 1st, Oct. 5th and Oct. 10th respectively.

When Should I View Performance Data?

  • When optimizing campaign performance. Analyze the impact an updated bid, change of offer title or perhaps a customized icon had on your offer’s CTR and CR.
  • To understand the value of users acquired from a specific source based on the cost of acquisition and revenue generated post install (ROAS).

With Performance data, advertisers are able to analyze the full user funnel attributed to the first interaction that the user had with the offer, thus allowing campaign optimization based on user behaviour and quality of a source.

When Should I View Billing Data?

It is recommended to use billing data:

  • To track daily/monthly spend.
  • For troubleshooting. For example implementing changes related to tacking and making sure conversions continue to arrive.

Available Data Types on DT's Reporting Tools

Reporting Tool Performance Data Billing Data
Edge Reports Screen_Shot_2020-12-02_at_16.09.12.png Screen_Shot_2020-12-02_at_16.09.12.png
Reporting API Screen_Shot_2020-12-02_at_16.09.12.png Screen_Shot_2020-12-02_at_16.09.12.png
ACP Edge Dashboard KPIs Screen_Shot_2020-12-02_at_16.09.12.png Screen_Shot_2020-12-02_at_16.09.02.png

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