Micro Bidding

Micro Bidding

Micro Bidding allows you to set different bids per country and/or apps in order to maximize the performance of your campaign.

Micro bidding is also used for optimization purposes during the lifetime of the campaign by adjusting bids according to the performance of each source. 


Micro bidding is not mandatory, but it is recommended as it allows you to maximize your campaigns' potential and bid according to the performance and quality of each traffic source. 

Configuring Micro Bidding

Follow the steps below to create the micro bidding plan for your campaigns.

  1. From the ACP Edge dashboard, click Micro Bidding next to the relevant campaign.


Country Group

  1. Click Add mceclip2.png located at the top right corner of the screen 
  2. Enter the Group Name 
  3. Enter the country or countries for that group


  1. Enter the bid for that group


If your budget is set to unlimited at campaign level, you can cap the budget at Country Group level.

Under each Country Group a list of the top available apps is displayed. Based on the performance of each individual app, you can adjust the bid accordingly. By default all apps receive the bid amount set at the Country Group level and are greyed-out. Once updated, custom bids at the app level are coloured blue.  

The list of apps presented is only a partial view of the available apps, to view all available apps within the Country Group, click View All.  A list of all the available apps is displayed and allows you to adjust the bid for each app.

Any user from any country that is not part of the country group but is targeted, can see your campaign with the default bid set at the campaign level.

  1. Click the three vertical dots and then select either Disable Country Group or if you want, to Remove the group.


Disabling or removing a Country Group does not exclude the countries from being targeted, they continue to be targeted using the default bid set at the Campaign Level.

Metrics Per App

The Metric Picker is also available at app level.  This allows simple analysis and optimization.

Apps can be sorted by each available metric.  The sort option applies to all apps on which the campaign is active and not just on those in the default display.

Use the date picker to assess performance of apps according to a selected time period.


The search bar allows you to search for multiple apps by their ID separated by either spaces or commas.  Alternatively, you can paste a list of app IDs directly into the search bar.  Search results are limited by default to 30 in the app list view, click View All to display all results. 

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