Apple's App Privacy Details

App privacy details on the App Store (often nicknamed Apple’s nutritional label) is a privacy feature introduced in iOS 14. Starting December 8th, 2020 every app submission will require disclosure of information that your app collects, including what any 3rd party service that you use (such an advertising platform) may collect.

To assist with meeting this requirement Digital Turbine is providing developers with easy-to-use guidance on its data collection practices in the context of Apple’s new App Store privacy details requirement. For each data type Apple is asking you about, we provide guidance if Digital Turbine also collects this data, and if yes, how and for what purpose.

Data Use

DT is required to provide a clear data use purpose for each data type. In all cases, DT uses your data for the purpose of Third Party Advertising, "such as displaying third-party ads in your app, or sharing data with entities who display third-party ads."

Contact Info Relevance to DT's Data Collection Policies
Name Such as First or Last name -
Email Address Including but not limited to a hashed email address -
Phone Number Including but not limited to a hashed telephone number -
Physical Address Such as home address, physical address or mailing address -
Other User Contact Info Any other information that can be used to contact the user outside the app -
Health and Fitness
Health Health and medical data, including but not limited to data from the Clinical Health Records API, MovementDisorderAPIs, or health-related human subject research or any other user provided health or medical data -
Fitness Fitness and exercise data, including, but not limited to the Motion and Fitness API -
Financial Info
Payment Info Such as form of payment, payment card number, or bank account number. If your app uses a payment service, the payment information is entered outside your app, and you, as the developer never have access to the payment information. It is not collected and does not need to be disclosed. -
Credit Info Such as credit score -
Other Financial Info Such as salary, income, assets, debts or any other financial information -
Precise Location Information describing the location of a user or device with the same or greater resolution as a latitude and longitude with three or more decimal places -
Coarse Location Information describing the location of a user or device with lower resolution than a latitude or longitude with three or more decimal places - such as Approximate Location Services -
Sensitive Info
Sensitive Info Such as racial or ethnic data, sexual orientation, pregnancy or childbirth information, disability, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, political opinion, genetic information or biometric data -
Contacts Such as a list of contacts in the user's phone, address book or social graph -
User Content
Emails or Text Messages Including subject line, sender, recipients and contents of the email or message -
Photos or Videos The photos and videos of the user -
Audio Data Voice or sound recordings of the user -
Gameplay Content Such as user-generated content in-game -
Customer Support Data generated by the user during a customer support request -
Other User Content Any other user-generated content -
Browsing History
Browsing History Information about content the user has viewed that is not part of the app, such as websites -
Search History
Search History Information about searches performed in the app -
User ID Such as screen name, handle, account ID, assigned user ID, customer number, or other user- or account-level ID that can be used to identify a particular user or account -
Device ID Such as the device’s advertising identifier, or other device-level ID DT collects IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) when made available by the user per the device settings (i.e. LAT is disabled) and IDFV (Identifier for Vendors) for the purposes such as counting Daily Active Users, Frequency Capping, and Server Side Rewarding.
Purchase History An account's or individual's purchases or purchase tendencies -
Usage Data
Product Interaction Such as app launches, taps, clicks, scrolling information, music listening data, video views, saved place in a game, video, or song, or other information about how the user interacts with the app -
Advertising Data Such as information about the advertisements the user has seen DT collects information related to the ads served to users of the app via the DT services (e.g. impressions, advertiser name, clicks, completions).
Other Usage Data Any other data about user activity in the app -
Crash Data Such as crash logs DT monitors the crash logs of the app.
Performance Data Such as launch time, hang rate or energy use -
Other Diagnostic Data Any other data collected for the purposes of measuring technical diagnostics related to the app -
Other Data
Other Data Types Any other data types not mentioned -

For more details on DT's Privacy Policy, click here.

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