Supported DT Exchange SDKs by Mediation Platform

DT Exchange SDK is mediated by other mediation platforms and supports: 

  • SDK bidding - real-time advertising strategy for mobile apps, akin to "header bidding," allowing publishers to auction inventory to multiple sources.
    DT Exchange Bidder allows DT Exchange to participate in RTB auctions, bidding into mediation platforms’ programmatic exchanges, and fosters fair competition among media buyers.
  • Waterfall - ad networks are ranked based on the average historical performance they have produced for the publisher. This means that ad networks with the best record of eCPM, fill rate, latency, etc., will be at the top. The impressions are passed from one ad network to another until they are sold. 

The table below provides the most up-to-date list of which DT Exchange SDK version is supported by which mediation platform.

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