SKAdNetwork ID Auto Updater

Installation Compiling and Testing Utilization Integration

The SKAdNetwork ID auto updater is a tool for publishers to integrate into their build system and manage SKAdnetwork IDs into their Info.plist with each build job automatically. This will allow them to keep the Info.plist file up to date, even if some partners make changes to their IDs.

In the following there are instructions how to build the tool, deploy and integrate into XCode and Unity Editor.

Installing the Tool

The tool resides in the open source repository. For full instructions, refer to the file.

There are several methods to install the tool:

Via Homebrew (Preferred)

Add our Tap

brew tap fyber-engineering/skad_updater

Install the Application

brew install skad_updater

Download the Release Tar File

You may want to download a specific version from here.

Select a release version and download the tar.gz file.

Extract the file content of the file to your folder of your choice:

tar -xzf skad_updater-.tar.gz -C [folder-name]

Now, you can use the executable inside the inner 'bin' folder.

You may want to put it in a path that’s supported by your own $PATH variable, in order to make 'skad_updater' work globally.

Compile from source.

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