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What happens after I report an offer?

When you report an offer, a ticket is generated in our support system and a notification to you is displayed. Our auto-reply you receive, provides an explanation of how to proceed from there. It is important that you reply with all of the details that our team needs from you, otherwise, unfortunately we are unable to provide you with the assistance you require.

Are offers available to new users only? What is a new user?
Yes, offers are available only to new users. Users cannot participate in the same offer twice under the same app, brand or household. If you have already clicked on the offer regardless if you have completed it or not, and you click it again, you are no longer considered a new user and you are not eligible to receive the reward.
Do I need to report every single offer in which I have participated?
No. Please take into consideration the time period that each offer takes to be completed and the time the partner needs to validate your eligibility and credit you. If that time passes and you still have not received the credits, please report the offer to us and our support team will assist you.
Why haven't I received my credits yet?

Offers have an open window of a specific time in which to complete it.

For this reason, our partners can take a few hours or even days to validate your participation before the period ends.The advertiser only credits eligible users who participated through DT Offer Wall.

Here are the reasons why you might not be eligible, even if you clicked on the offers:

  • Possibly you used their application previously or clicked on the same offer before.
  • You have installed an offer, but didn’t reach the required action.
  • You have installed an offer organically or through another Offer Wall provider.
  • You used a VPN connection to get access to the offer or used an emulator to simulate a device on your computer.
What does “Rejected” mean?
Our partner can reject your participation if you used their application before, did not meet the required actions of the offer, triggered their fraud protection system or if the offer is Expired.
What does “Expired” mean?
Offers have a specific period of time in which you must complete them. After clicking on the offer and even if you are still participating in it, If you see the status as “Expired” this means the time has run out and you are no longer eligible to be credited.
For how long are offers available?
Right after you click to participate in an offer, an entry is created, regardless of the offer being actually completed or not. This entry will automatically be removed by the system after 60 days.
Why do I only have access to a few or there are no offers available?

Our DT offer wall is a dynamic product with an automatic configuration based on different factors (app, region, language, etc.).

Given that, it is normal that individual users may see longer or shorter lists of offers - and in some cases offers might be temporarily unavailable.

Why does Digital Turbine confirm that I have been credited but I can’t see the credits on my application account?

It means that the Publisher has received our confirmation to reward you, but the Publisher has not credited you yet.

Please contact the Publisher and forward our confirmation to them stating that DT has confirmed the attribution of the rewards.

I found a technical problem while participating in the offer or in the app itself. The link is broken or I’m shown an error. To whom should I report this problem?
  • For issues related to the offer itself: report it to Digital Turbine.
  • For issues related to the App/Game: contact the Publisher.

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