The purpose of this article is to guide publishers who want to use the DT FairBid SDK to load and display ads from InMobi via DT FairBid mediation.

This is a six-step process:

  1. Create an account and login to your InMobi Account
  2. Create an app in InMobi
  3. Create a placement in InMobi for your app
  4. Retrieve parameters from the InMobi dashboard
  5. Insert the InMobi parameters in the DT Console
  6. Add the InMobi SDK to your integration

InMobi currently supports the following ad formats:

  • Banner
  • Interstitial
  • Rewarded Videos

Refer to InMobi for updates on supported ad formats.

Steps 1, 2 and 3

For details on how to create an InMobi account, create an app and a placement, follow the instructions here.

Step 4: Retrieve the Parameters from InMobi

To enable InMobi to work as an Ad Network on the DT FairBid Mediation Platform, you must obtain four parameters from your InMobi account and later insert the details in the DT FairBid SDK integration.

Set out below are the details of what parameters are required, how and where to obtain them from the InMobi system.

InMobi Parameter Description
User Name Your user name, as defined in the InMobi system
Account ID The unique ID of your account in the InMobi system
API Key A unique identifier for your InMobi account that allows the DT FairBid mediation platform to import performance data from your InMobi account
Placement ID The unique ID of a placement in the InMobi system

The User Name and API Key are automatically generated and sent to the registered email address provided in the sign-up to InMobi process. Your InMobi Account ID and Placement ID must be obtained from the InMobi system.

Alternatively, watch and listen to the video below to find out how to obtain the required parameters:

Retrieving the User Name

Once you are logged-in to your InMobi account, go to My Account >> Manage Users to find your email ID.

Retrieving the Account ID

This is a unique identifier for your InMobi account. To locate this parameters, on the left navigation menu:

  1. Go to Finance >> Payment Settings >> Payment Information

Your Account ID is displayed.

Retrieving the API Key

The API Key is automatically generated to the registered mail ID with which your InMobi account was created.

To generate an API Key for other users on your InMobi account, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to My Account >> Account Settings
  2. Go to the API Key tab
  3. Click Generate API Key
  4. Select the email ID of the user for which the key is required and click Generate API Key
    A file containing the API Key and User Name / Login Name are generated and mailed to the selected user.


Only the publisher admin of the account can generate an API Key for all users. If you have forgotten the previously generated API Key, reset your API Key be hovering over your email ID on the API Key Tab listing as illustrated in the image below.


Generating a new API Key invalidates any previous key you may have.

Retrieving the Placement ID

The InMobi Placement ID is present under the placement name.


Step 5: Insert InMobi Parameters into the DT Console

To enter the parameters obtained from InMobi and insert them into the DT Console, follow these steps.

  1. Sign-in to your DT account
  2. Select your app from the App Management window

  3. On the App Management page, click Mediated Networks

  4. Select InMobi from the list

  5. Enter the InMobi app credentials and set the Instance name. Instance name should be distinguishable in case you have multiple InMobi Instances

  6. Click Save
  7. To complete the set up, you must associate the network instance that you just created to the relevant Placement set up on the DT Console. For a detailed guide click here

Step 6: Adding the InMobi SDK to your integration

To add the InMobi SDK go to the Supported Networks page and follow the guide while selecting the Configuration for InMobi.


InMobi and the Android Gradle plugin

To prevent building issues when integrating InMobi through your Gradle build script, you must set the Android Gradle plugin to version 3.4.3 or higher.

If you are using Unity 2017 LTS or 2018 LTS, this plugin is configured within your mainTemplate.gradle file.

However, if you are using Unity 2019.4 or 2020.1 the plugin is configured in the baseProjectTemplate.gradle file.

InMobi's dependencies and AndroidX

InMobi requires several dependencies. Some of them rely on AndroidX libs while other rely on app compat libraries. This will led to some conflicts preventing a successful build.

This can be solved by enabling Jetifier and AndroidX through gradle properties.
More details on how to do that here:

SDK Bidding

To activate a bidding instance, you must have the InMobi Placement ID to be configured and activated for DT FairBid. Contact your dedicated partner manager at InMobi or contact for more details and assistance in getting onboard.

Bidding is supported on InMobi SDK versions starting:

  • iOS SDK 9.1.5
  • Android SDK 9.1.6

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