Ad Audio

For an optimal user experience, there are certain scenarios where you might want to mute the ads shown in your application. This is typically the case when your app allows users to mute sound effects or music independently from the device's volume controls.

Changing Audio

The DT FairBid SDK offers a simple way to achieve this. Use the following API to change the audio settings:


If you wish to start the SDK with muted ads, make sure you call this API before starting the SDK:

FairBid.start(appId, activity)
FairBid.start(appId, activity);

Supported Networks

Currently, only the following networks support muting ads through this API:

  • AdMob
  • Applovin
  • DT Exchange (Interstitial only)
  • inMobi
  • Liftoff Monetize
  • Mintegral
  • Verve

As a result, this setting is not respected when the ad being shown belongs to networks not present in the list above.

Finally, an important but subtle detail is that most networks only respect this setting if it is set before an ad was requested. If an ad is already loaded in the device by the time a user mutes the sound in the application (and DT FairBid’s mute API is called), the ad is still shown with sound.

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