iOS Mediation Table

Step 2: Adding iOS Dependencies


Add the following line to your Podfile:

and run the following command:

pod repo update && pod install

at the root of the project.

Manual Download

If you prefer to integrated mediated network by downloading their respective frameworks directly you need to follow these steps:

  1. Download the DT FairBid SDK
  2. Extract it.
  3. Drag and drop FairBidSDK.framework to your project. Ensure "Copy items if needed" is checked.
  4. From the General tab of your Xcode project's target settings page, ensure the FairBidSDK framework is embedded into your app.
  5. Select the Build Phases tab and click the plus sign (+).
  6. Select New Run Script Phase and paste the following snippet into the script editor field:

You will also need to add the following imports to your Xcode project:

Moreover, some networks might require you to add additional frameworks.
If you have selected any of these networks, those frameworks will show below:

Finally, you might need to add some linker flags.

Step 3: Adding SKAdNetwork IDs

DT helps you to conveniently generate an exhaustive list of your required SKAdNetwork IDs to implement in your app's info.plist file.

The following list includes the SKAdNetwork IDs of the DT Exchange DSPs and of any of the check boxed mediated networks in the Step 1 table above.

After choosing your set of mediated networks, add this list to your app’s info.plist file.


This list is dynamic and it might have changed by the time you are deploying your application to production. To make sure you have this list always as up to date as possible, we highly recommend you integrate our SKAdNetwork ID Auto Updater Tool as part of your build process.

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