Cost Data Integration

AppsFlyer Adjust

AppsFlyer and Adjust have integrated our new Reporting API. It also integrated the support for showing cost data for CPE campaigns, on their dashboard.

However, this is not activated automatically, and our advertisers must enable this on either the AppsFlyer or Adjust dashboard.

Enabling Cost Data in AppsFlyer

For an advertiser to enable cost data in the AppsFlyer dashboard, follow these instructions:

  1. Open the DT configuration window on AppsFlyer dashboard, for details, click here.
  2. Click the Cost tab
  3. Set up the DT Client ID, DT Secret and Program ID (you can find these on the advertiser's DT Offer Wall Reports account)

This is how it appears in AppsFlyer dashboard:


Finding the Required Fields

The advertiser can find the relevant fields, as follows:

Field Location
DT Client ID and Client Secret On the advertiser's DT Offer Wall Reports account. Follow the steps 1-6 here.
Program ID Use the Program ID dimensions on DT Offer Wall Reports to see all the IDs of your programs

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