Real-Time Bidding Integration for Mediation Partners

The RTB integration is executed through the DT Exchange, which is fully assimilated into the FairBid Mediation Platform. It is the real-time-auction executor for the purpose of this program.

The full RTB integration specs can be found here

General Integration Information

  • The RTB marketplace currently adheres to OpenRTB 2.5
  • Timeout for bid responses (i.e. auction time) is 300ms
  • Data center location is AWS Virginia, EC3 - please notify DT about your datacenter location
  • Ad Placements supported are Interstitials (Video and Display), Rewarded, and Banners


  • A mechanism to request test ads from your bidder. This is necessary to build and maintain the integration over the course of future updates to DT and Mediation SDKs

Demand Partners

There are several types of demand partners integration, all competing on a level playing field in the real-time auction:

Demand side platforms bid server-side, adhering to the RTB specs shared above
Custom API Ad Networks
These ad networks bid server side but have a custom implementation that does not fully adhere to OpenRTB.
They could also be referred to as ‘pseudo-bidders’
Programmatic Mediation
These partners adhere to openRTB and submit bids in real time. They also have an SDK integrated on the publishers’ client (app) which renders the ads independently and gets full responsibility for playing the ad
Traditional Mediation
These partners participate in the auction as ‘mock-bidders’ based on advanced historical performance prediction

 Digital Turbine Auction Mechanics


Diagram Key Description
A Mediation SDK is checking availability of ads with traditional mediation partners - the ‘mock bidders’
B Request from SDK is sent to the RTB marketplace, with mediation availability information
C DT Exchange prepares the auction
D DT Exchange calls demand partners simultaneously - Programmatic bidders (DSPs, programmatic mediation networks and custom bidders) and traditional, non-programmatic buyers
E DT Exchange analyzes the buyers’ bids
F DT Exchange selects the auction winner, based on the highest publisher payout. DT Exchange also takes into account publisher-specific preferences (for example, private marketplaces and other types of deals)
G Determine the clearing price of the auction winner. For more details, click here.

DT FairBid

Programmatic Mediation buyers appear on the left of the diagram.


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