Working with Programmatic Mediation

This guide is intended for Digital Turbine's mediated demand partners. It describes the specifications of Digital Turbine's ‘programmatic mediation’ and illustrates what is required to comply with it.

What is Programmatic Mediation?

Programmatic Mediation is Digital Turbine's proprietary technology by which mediated SDK networks participate in a fair, real-time-bidding marketplace, which determines the winner of an impression. This is achieved while preserving the mediated ad network’s SDK on the client side as a display manager, rendering the ads. In addition, ad networks are able to maintain a direct contractual relationship with their publisher partners.

The Benefits

Programmatic Mediation welcomes DT's mediated partners into the programmatic ecosystem. By participating in this program our partners may achieve the following:

  • Fair and equal competition amongst all contenders bidding on an impression
  • Ultimate access to bidding on every potential impression
    • Avoiding a static waterfall - every opportunity is equally accessible to all
    • Better access to inventory and ability to choose the best opportunities to bid on
  • Higher bidding resolution allows partners to bid based on per-impression value versus being evaluated by historical average performance data
    • Real time pricing and market economics dictate the value of the impression
    • Implicit guarantee that the highest bid wins
  • Access private marketplaces and other advanced programmatic selling/buying methods

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