Integrating via REST API

Console Activation Request Response Redirect User Rewards

Follow this 6-step guide to integrate DT Offer Wall via REST API:

  1. Configure your app on the DT Console
  2. Activate the REST API and receive your API key
  3. Prepare and send a request
  4. Parse the response
  5. Redirect the user to the offer url (using the /show function)
  6. Set up reward handling

Configure Offer Wall in DT Console

As with most of our products, you first need to configure the Dashboard before you can start coding.

If you have followed all the steps in Adding Your App, you will have already configured the DT Offer Wall. If so, you may proceed to Step 2: Activating the REST API. 

Before you can configure the DT Offer Wall, you must make sure that you have your virtual currency configured. If you have not already done so, you can modify your App Settings.

  1. Go to the Dashboard and click through to your selected App.
  2. Go to Placements and click on the DT Offer Wall tab within your App.
  3. Select a placement. 
  4. Make sure Status is set to Active.
  5. Select the currency you wish to use for rewards from the Virtual currency dropdown menu.
  6. Fill in the Exchange rate field with the number of your virtual currency that equates to one Euro or Dollar (depending on the currency you have set in your account settings).
  7. Select the Round up low rewards to 1 unit of virtual currency (recommended).
  8. Click Save to save your configuration.

Remember that you can always add extra virtual currency under the settings section:


The next step is to activate the REST API.

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