sellers.json and schain

In July 2019, the IAB released two new technical specifications aimed at increasing trust in the supply chain, sellers.json and OpenRTB SupplyChain object.

With the use of sellers.json, the advertising system ( is expected to post a publicly available JSON file on their website exposing their complete list of publishers. The sellers.json file is used by DSPs to cross reference the app-ads.txt entries provided by the publisher. Publisher ID and SSP domain are the consistent identifiers used across both specifications.

SupplyChain Object reveals the supply path from the publisher to the advertiser, and all reseller entities in-between. Digital Turbine passes the first node of the chain to inform our buyers of our direct publisher relationships. Any advertising system who resells Digital Turbine supply is required to add their own node, so Demand Side Platforms can trace the complete payment chain back to the publisher.

Sellers.json Support

Digital Turbine represents our complete list of publishers on our sellers.json file. To view this, click here.

Implementing SupplyChain Object

Digital Turbine supports the SupplyChain object for OpenRTB, API and tag integrations. Contact your dedicated Account Manager to enable this.

OpenRTB Implementation

  • For OpenRTB 2.5, the SupplyChain object will be listed under BidRequest.Source.ext.schain
  • For OpenRTB 2.4 or prior, the SupplyChain object will be listed under BidRequest.ext.schain
  • DT supports all required OpenRTB schain attributes. For more details, please refer to schain in our OpenRTB documentation under the Source Object.

Sample Bid Request of schain on OpenRTB 2.5 integration:



        "schain": {
            "ver": "1.0",
            "complete": 1,
            "nodes": [

                    "asi": "",
                    "sid": "222222",
                    "hp": "1",
                    "rid": "9999381608846099999"



API or Tag Implementation

Digital Turbine supports the $SCHAIN macro to output a string serialized SupplyChain. The output of this macro must be a string serialized SupplyChain with the advertising system’s node appended.
Per the IAB spec, Digital Turbine supports the $SCHAIN for Single Hop - Chain Complete

For more information about the IAB's sellers.json and SupplyChain object specifications, click here.

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