Bid Loss Notification

Benefit to DSPs

Bid Loss Notifications provide granular, immediate feedback on a per impression basis, helping DSPs:

  • Receive auction transparency on pricing and blocks (bid below the floor, lost to a higher bidder, advertiser blocked, etc.)
  • Uncover technical issues that prevent successful bids (timeout, invalid adomain, etc.)
  • Understand the winning clear price of the auction in order to improve pricing strategies 


  • Partner must be setup as an RTB enabled bidder on the DT Exchange

Using Bid Loss Notification

Contact your dedicated Programmatic Demand Manager to enable this feature:

  1. DSP to pass the lurl in the bid response, which allows DT to fire a loss notification when applicable
  2. For notifications on timeouts, please provide a static URL endpoint to your Demand Manager
  3. To receive transparency on the winning clear price, add the ${AUCTION_PRICE} macro to your tracking pixel and DT will return the winning clear price in $USD

What's Not Supported?

We do not support error code 0 (win) for the lurl. For win notifications, please use the nurl parameter.

Loss Notifications Errors Table

Set out below are the codes and possible reasons for loss notification errors.

Code Reason
1 Internal Error
2 Impression Opportunity Expired
3 Invalid Bid Response
6 Invalid (i.e., malformed) Advertiser Domain
7 Missing Markup
9 Missing Bid Price
100 Bid was Below Auction Floor
101 Bid was Below Deal Floor
102 Lost to Higher Bid
103 Lost to a Bid for a PMP Deal
202 Creative Filtered - Disapproved by Exchange
205 Creative Filtered - Advertiser Exclusions
206 Creative Filtered - App Bundle Exclusions
207 Creative Filtered - Not Secure
209 Creative Filtered - Category Exclusions
210 Creative Filtered - Creative Attribute Exclusions
1010 Invalid or malformed Bundle. A valid bundle is considered to be either:
  • A valid Android package name
  • A valid App Store ID



      "id": "5194605187929577452",
      "impid": "1",
      "price": 2.522437,
      "adomain": [""],
      "attr": [6],"lurl":"http://dsp_sample/inneractiveid=5194605187929577452\u0026code=${AUCTION_LOSS}",
      "w": 320,
      "h": 480

Bid Statuses

DT's ad exchange uses RTB (real-time bidding) protocols to conduct an auction. DT Exchange or our publishers, can filter out or reject certain bids for a variety of reasons.

Each bid response filtering mechanism is detailed below in the Bid Statuses section.

Rejected bid responses appear as bid requests in DT's Buyer's Report.


Set out in the table below are the descriptions for each bid status.

Bid Status Definition Corresponding Loss Notification Status (LURL)
Adapter Failure This metric is relevant for FairBid only. DT's SDK failed to activate the adapter of the mediation network Not Applicable
Below the Floor Price An invalid bid response where the demand source bid below the floor price sent on the bid request 100
Blocked Advertiser App The bid response was rejected because the campaign's bundle corresponded to a blocked app by the publisher's app. 206
Blocked Advertiser Domain The bid response was rejected because the campaign's advertiser domain corresponded to a blocked advertiser domain by the publisher's app. 205
Blocked Category The bid response was rejected because the campaign's IAB category corresponded to a blocked category by the publisher's app. 209
Blocked on Creative The bid response was manually blocked due to blacklisting of the creative ID due to creative issues or policy violations. Not Applicable
Capped This metric is only relevant to Traditional Mediated Networks buying FairBid mediated supply. The bid request was dropped when the frequency cap was reached. Not Applicable
Demand QPS Throttling A bid request that was never sent because it was blocked according to the DSP's set QPS (Queries Per Second) cap Not Applicable
Empty Advertiser Domain The bid response was rejected due to an empty advertiser domain 6
Failed Creative ID Blocked The bid response was automatically blocked by an algorithm that blocks creatives with consistently low survival rate. Not Applicable
Filtered Out for Optimization A bid request that was never sent because it was blocked automatically due to DT's internal supply optimization algorithm that blocks unmonetized traffic. This metric can only be seen by internal DT account managers. Not Applicable
HTTP Error The bid response failed due to a web server error. 3
Incompatible SKAD Versions The bid response was rejected because the SKAdNetwork version returned on was higher than the SKAdNetwork supported by the app and on the bid request 214
Invalid Advertiser Domain

An invalid bid response where the demand source bids with an invalid advertiser domain.
What's valid:

  • Advertiser domains and subdomains (for example

What's invalid:

  • Domains without any dot.  For example finance
  • Domains that start with a dot.  For example
  • Domains with www, http(s), / and any parameters
  • Domains from and
  • Bundles in numeric iOS or standard Android format are considered invalid
Invalid or Malformed Bundle An invalid bid response where the demand source bid with an invalid bundle format 1010
Invalid Response The bid response failed because it was invalid. Common examples include, the JSON was invalid and the response was missing mandatory parameters. See our Demand Docs for a list of mandatory parameters. 3
Invalid SKAD Parameters An invalid bid response where the demand source returned one or more invalid parameters on the Please refer to the IAB specifications to further details here 214
Lost on Price A valid bid response where the demand source lost the auction because the price returned was lower than another bid in the auction. 102
No Bid The bid response returned an HTTP 204 "No Content" response signalling the bidder had no bid for the auction. Not Applicable
Timeout The bid response failed because it exceeded the timeout window (350ms for RTB Bidders). A best practice is for Demand Partners to pass a no bid instead of timing out. 2

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