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ACP Edge is a self-serve campaign management platform that allows advertisers to manage user acquisition campaigns within DT’s Offer Wall.

With ACP Edge advertisers are able to easily analyze results in real-time and bid on traffic according to the quality of the results generated by each country and source, all within a single dashboard.

Its flexible and customizable capabilities allow advertisers to be in full control of their optimization efforts and meet their campaign goals. 

Logging In to ACP Edge

To begin setting up your campaign, navigate to the ACP Edge login page and login to your account.


Once you are logged in, the main dashboard opens.


Dashboard Menu Options

There are several options available on the left side menu.

Option Description
Add Campaign Opens the Add Campaign window providing the options to create a new campaign on ACP Edge
Dashboard Displays all existing products and campaigns that have been configured
Edge Reports Opens DT Offer Wall Edge Reporting
[Account] Displays your account details

Adding a Product

To begin running your campaign, you must first add a product (app) to your ACP Edge account.

The product added is the subject of the campaign in the DT Offer Wall.

  1. On the ACP Edge dashboard, click Add Product


  1. Select the product type

For Mobile App


  1. Enter the name of the app from the Google Play or App Store.
    You can search either by app name or by developer name.

  1. When you have found the app, click Save.

The new product appears in the list in the dashboard (the icon will refresh from the store every 24 hours).

  1. Click the three vertical buttons to either Disable a product or remove it from the list.

For Web

  1. Enter the Product Name
  2. Drag and Drop the icon for the web app
  3. Click Save

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