When a demand partner is interested in sending the user to an installed application (with an optional fallback), they have the option to use the "Smartlink" scheme. This scheme allows advertisers to provide a fallback URL, if the destination of the deep link cannot be found on the device.

This scheme also allows the attachment of appropriate click trackers to both the primary URL and the fallback URL.

Smartlink Example


The smartlink query parameters are made up of 4 components:

Component Description
primaryUrl Query param, usually a deep link to another application which might be installed on the device
fallbackUrl Query param, which takes the user to a webpage if the desired application was not installed on the device
primaryTrackingUrl Query param(s), which is hit using an HTTP GET request when the primary url has been successfully opened
fallbackTrackingUrl Query param(s), which is hit using an HTTP GET request when the fallback URL has been successfully opened
  • The scheme must be exactly "smartlink"
  • The host path must be "navigate"
  • The tracking URLs can be one or many, all tracking URLs present in the URL are fired when appropriate

For details of Click to Native Browser, click here.

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