Display Interstitial

What are Display Interstitials?

Interstitials are full-screen, static or interactive ads. They are typically shown during natural transitions throughout your app; for example, on app open or after completing a game level, or while waiting for a new view to load.

Close Button Behavior on Interstitial Display Ads

Unless the DSP is using MRAID UseCustomclose, in which case they determine when the x-button is shown in their ad.

  • iOS: The x-button appears on the top right-hand side with a 2 second delay
  • Android: The back button is enabled with a 2 second delay

If the DSP uses the MRAID useCustomClose method, they control when the x-button is shown. When MRAID useCustomClose is detected, DT enables a fail-safe x-button on the top right corner after 15 seconds (iOS only) to ensure the user can close the ad in the event that the DSP's own close button fails. For Android, the “back” button is enabled after a period of 3 seconds.

For more details on MRAID Custom Close, click here.

Interstitial Video Skipability

To access the settings for Video Skipability, follow these steps:

  1. Sign-in to the Console with your user name and password
  2. Click on your account name, then on DT Exchange Settings

The Interstitial Video Skipability Settings window is displayed:


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