What are Playables?

Playables are fullscreen, interactive ads that give users a mini preview of an app that they can try-out before downloading. Playables should always include a clear Call to Action that encourages users to download or further engage with an app. Playables can also be a key way to discover high-intent users who are interested in your app.

On DT, Playables are:

  • Interstitial (Portrait or Landscape)
  • Can be followed by an end card. The end card should part of the ad itself, not requiring any SDK control
  • All other components of playables follow the same guidelines as MRAID 2.0 or HTML ads

Supported Playable Protocols

MRAID 2.0 is supported per the IAB specification. MRAID 3.0 is not currently supported.

How to Identify Playable Inventory is Supported Based on the Bid Request

  • “imp.instl” : 1 the ad is interstitial or fullscreen
  • “banner.battr” : 13 is OMITTED, meaning user Interactive/Embedded Games are allowed
  • “banner.api” : 5 indicating support for MRAID 2.0
    • Playables do not need to be MRAID
    • For MRAID playables, if the partner leverages the useCustomClose() function, the close button must appear within 5 seconds

How Should a Demand Partner Reply with a Playable Ad in the Bid Response?

    • For Playables, the bid response must include “bid.ext.crtype” : “Playable” and “” : 13

What's the maximum size for playables?

      • We don’t have such a limitation. However, the recommended size is 2 MB for optimal performance.

Closing Behavior

By default, the x-button appears after 2 seconds on the upper right corner

      • Can a DSP use MRAID.useCustomClose()Yes
      • When using MRAID.useCustomClose(), the x-button must appear within 5 seconds
      • When MRAID.useCustomClose() is detected, DT enables a fail-safe x-button on the top right corner after 15 seconds


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