What is MRAID 2.0?

Mobile Rich Media Ad Interface Definitions (MRAID) is the common API (Application Programming Interface) for mobile rich media ads running in mobile apps. This is a standardized set of commands, designed to work with HTML5 and JavaScript, used by developers creating rich media ads to communicate what those ads do (expand, resize, access device functionalities such as the accelerometer, swipe, etc.) with the apps into which they are being served.

Display of HTML Ads – Ad View Container, an MRAID-compatible container, must display any HTML ad. The container invokes an HTML with JavaScript rendering engine for rendering ads. The engine is called the "web view". Whenever possible, the web view does not define ad sizes (dimensions) or how ads move or change in response to user interaction. (IAB) 

Supported MRAID Versions

DT SDK supports MRAID 2.0 according to the IAB MRAID 2.0 specification

Identifying if MRAID 2.0 is Supported Based on the Bid Request

“banner.api” : 5 when MRAID 2.0 is supported

How a demand partner respond with an MRAID 2.0 ad in the bid response
The bid response should include “bid.ext.crtype” : “MRAID 2.0”

MRAID 2.0 Media File Limits

  • For interstitial MRAID 2.0 ads, it is best to only return an ad markup with an ad size of 320x480 or 480x320
  • If the ad size is not 320x480, DT scales up or down to 320x480 and center on the screen. The same applies for 480x320.

How a Click Event is Tracked on MRAID 2.0?

  • The click tracking URL is fired (triggers the JS click event) upon event
  • The creator of the MRAID 2.0 ad markup determines when the event is triggered 

Close Button

DT's close button appears on the top right corner immediately, unless the DSP leverages the useCustomClose() method. 

Best Practices on useCustomClose()

  • DT supports useCustomClose() on all MRAID 2.0 inventory, when initiated by the partner.
  • To initiate custom close, partner must useCustomClose() per MRAID 2.0 spec.
  • Partners are allowed to delay the close button show for up to 5 seconds with customClose.

Does Digital Turbine Support MRAID Video?

  • Not currently, but this is on our product roadmap. 

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