Welcome to DT Exchange Demand

This portal is for Demand Side Partners (DSPs) who are integrating as an RTB Bidder via DT Exchange. In addition to this page, DSPs should refer to the following document: IAB OpenRTB API Specification Version 2.5.

Information to Note

  • Data Center Location - DT's data center is located in Virginia (US-East in AWS). Please notify your DT POC of your DC's location.
  • Timeout - The timeout for responding with an ad is 350ms.
  • OpenRTB Version - DT supports OpenRTB 2.5.
  • Impression Counting - DT counts display impressions once when at least one pixel is visible to the user on the screen, and per MRAID 2.0 specifications, when relevant. DT counts video impressions when the video ad begins to play and is shown to the user according to the standard VAST protocol.

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