Rewarding Your Users

DT provides several systems that you can use to reward your users. Each system is mutually exclusive to one another. You can only select a single rewarding mechanism for your integration.

Choosing the correct method is not always straightforward, as there are tradeoffs for each option. In general, the decision is usually between more security or more speed.

None of these mechanisms are insecure. All will provide rewards in a reliable manner that is difficult to fraud, so long as they are implemented correctly. But some are inherently more secure than others. Your options to reward your users are:

Option 1: Server-Side Rewarding (+ Security)
Option 2: DT VCS System (+ Middleground) 

Option 1: Server-Side Rewarding

The most secure of all our rewarding mechanisms, server-side reward callbacks allow user rewards to be sent directly from our servers to yours. Our servers send a real-time notification as soon as a reward is logged in our system. Your servers will then need to be able to process the reward as soon as it comes in, and then populate the reward out to the user in whatever way makes sense for your system. 


The main benefit of server-side callbacks is that all traffic directly related to crediting the reward is completely outside the control or visibility of the user. Because there is no sensitive traffic going through the user’s device, there is less chance for fraud.


The main drawback of server-side callbacks is the infrastructure that you need. If you don’t have a server to process the callbacks, you will not be able to use it.
For a full description of Server-Side Callbacks, click here.

Server-side Callbacks - Security

It is possible to add more security in the callbacks by adding the _trans_id_ parameter to the callback, which adds in a universally unique transaction id. This transaction id, due to its unique nature, will also ensure that the sid parameter will also always be unique. A unique sid parameter will make certain that no one can generate a valid callback without the callback security token provided in our dashboard. If you then also whitelist only the IP addresses associated with our DT servers, this rewarding mechanism is extremely secure.

Setting Up Server-Side Hosting

For a full description of Server-Side Callbacks, click here.

Option 2: DT’s VCS System

For those that lack a server-side environment for their apps, and so can't use Server-side Callbacks, or else would rather implement something in their app itself, we offer a Virtual Currency Server for your use.

The VCS system provides a middle ground in terms of security, ensuring that rewards must be valid in our system before they can be credited to the user, but not completely removing the user’s device from the flow of rewarding. 


The main benefit of the VCS system is that it requires no server infrastructure to use, and can be implemented easily. VCS also provides as much security as is possible for a rewarding mechanism that does not use a server-side component, making this a good middle-ground between the other options.


The main drawback of the VCS system is that the user’s device is still part of the process of crediting the reward. Precautions can, of course, be taken to reduce any risk associated with this, but it must remain a consideration.

The delays associated with the VCS reward being credited in our system should also be taken into account. VCS requests are made after a reward is credited in our system, which can end up causing some delays to rewarding the user, since there is no positive notification to your app when the reward is actually valid and ready to be claimed.

Setting Up VCS Hosting

For using a virtual currency server (VCS) click on the following links 

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