Rewarded Playables

What are Rewarded Playables?

Rewarded Playables (Opt-in ads) are fullscreen, interactive ads that give users a mini preview of an app that they can try-out before downloading. Rewarded Playables should always include a clear Call to Action that encourages users to download or further engage with an app. Rewarded Playables can also be a key way to discover high-intent users who are interested in your app.

On DT, Rewarded Playables are:

  • Placement Type: Rewarded
  • Ad Unit Type: Display
  • Orientation: Portrait or Landscape
  • Ad Size: Full Screen
  • Ad Markup: HTML or MRAID 2.0 only. Cannot be VAST or MRAID video. Can be followed by an end card. The end card should part of the ad itself, not requiring any SDK control

Supported Playable Protocols

MRAID 2.0 is supported per the IAB specification. MRAID 3.0 is not currently supported.

How to Identify if Rewarded Playable inventory is supported based on the Bid Request?

  • “imp.instl”: 1 means the ad is interstitial or fullscreen
  • “banner.battr”: 13 is OMITTED, meaning user Interactive/Embedded Games are allowed
  • “banner.api”: 5 indicating support for MRAID 2.0. Playables do not need to be MRAID
  • “banner.ext.rewarded”: 1 is the custom extension DT uses to flag supported rewarded playables

How Should a Demand Partner reply with a Rewarded Playable ad in the Bid Response?

For Rewarded Playables, the bid response must include:

  • “bid.ext.crtype”: “Playable”
  • “”: 13
  • If the bid response does not contain the above values, the response is dropped and the ad is not served

How is the Rewarding Controlled?

  • The user receives their reward once the x-button is clicked
  • DT's SDK sends a completion event and the publisher is responsible for giving the user the reward
  • A complete even is reported in DT's Dynamic Reports ("Rewarded Completions and "Completion Rate")
  • Each rewarded playable ad completion is reported in DT's Dynamic Reports
  • Filter Placement Type = “Rewarded” and Product Line = “Marketplace”

What is the duration of a Rewarded Playable?

  • By default, DT shows an x-button on the upper right corner after 30 seconds.
  • On Android, the back button is disabled for 30s or for the customClose duration.

Duration Customization Options

  • The DSP can control the duration and present an x-button in less than 30s. To do this, they must use MRAID.useCustomClose()
  • If the DSP sets up MRAID.useCustomClose() for 5 seconds, then the user will be able to close the ad within 5 seconds and can receive a reward after clicking on the x-button after 5 seconds
  • DT adds a fail-safe x-button after 30s when MRAID.useCustomClose() is detected to ensure all ads can be closed by the user


Is there a difference between the bid request for Rewarded Video and Rewarded Playables?

Yes! DT sends a separate bid request for Rewarded Video and Rewarded Playables. DT passes the following custom extension for Rewarded Video video.ext.rewarded and use banner.ext.rewarded for Rewarded Playables.

Can sever-to-server demand partners run them?
Generally, no they will not get the necessary data on the bid request to understand when a request is eligible for Rewarded Playables.
Does DT show a countdown timer on the rewarded playable?
No. A countdown timer is not displayed.
What happens when the user returns to the ad after visiting landing page?
The user sees the playable ad for the remaining duration.

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