Creative Attributes Table

These are from the OpenRTB 2.3 Specifications list, Table 5.3.

Value Description
1 Audio Ad (Auto Play)
2 Audio Ad (User Initiated)
3 Expandable (Automatic)
4 Expandable (User initiated - Click)
5 Expandable (User initiated - Rollover)
6 In banner video ad (Auto play)
7 In banner video ad (User initiated)
8 Pop (i.e., Over Under or Upon exit)
9 Provocative or suggestive imagery
10 Shaky, flashing, flickering, extreme animation, or smileys
11 Surveys
12 Text only
13 User Interactive (i.e. Embedded games)
14 Windows dialog or alert style
15 Has audio on/off button
16 Ad can be skipped (i.e., skip button on preroll video)

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