Onboarding with DT Exchange

Do you want to become a new bidder with Digital Turbine? Review the steps below.

If you have any questions about the process below, please contact your point of contact at Digital Turbine and they will provide further information.

Step 1: The Form

Complete the DSP form and provide your endpoint and the targeting of a test campaign.

Make sure to contact your DT Account Manager for the relevant DSP form URL.

Step 2: Manual Testing

Digital Turbine sends a few ad requests from a local test environment to confirm that the bidder returns a bid with an ad.

Step 3: Deployment

Digital Turbine deploys the integration to our production servers. An exact date will be provided in advance. 

Step 4: Your Live Test

You now set paying campaigns targeting low scale inventory, and DT opens low scale live traffic. 

Step 5: Teamwork

Digital Turbine and the DSP share the number of impressions and cost for the testing period and scale up if the discrepancy is below 5%.

Once you're scaled up, you're good to go!

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