Impression Level Data

Starting DT Exchange SDK version 7.5.1 you can access detailed information for each impression. The Impression Data API (Callback) provides, for example, which demand source served the ad and the expected or exact revenue associated with it.

In addition, it contains granular details to allow you to analyze and, ultimately, optimize both your ad monetization and user acquisition strategies.

Glossary Table

Property Name Type Description Examples
demandSourceName String Demand Source name is the name of the buy-side / demand-side entity that purchased the impression. When mediated networks win an impression, you’ll see the mediated network’s name. When a DSP buying through the programmatic marketplace wins the impression, you’ll see the DSP’s name. Liftoff RTB
country String Country location of the ad impression(in ISO country code) US
sessionID String A unique identifier for a specific impression 5699232551401720289
advertiserDomain String Advertiser’s domain when available. Used as an identifier for a set of campaigns for the same advertiser
creativeID String Creative ID when available. Used as an identifier for a specific creative of a certain campaign. This is particularly useful information when a certain creative is found to cause user experience issues 169493819
campaignID String Campaign ID when available used as an identifier for a specific campaign of a certain advertiser 1860_79463ca93f1dbc4446a5a8db8520f32
pricingValue Double The impression’s net payout value 1.32323232
pricingCurrency String The impression’s currency type USD
duration Long The duration of the video in seconds 15
Skippable Boolean An indication whether the video is skippable or not True/False

Examples and Snippets

This method implementation is required.


- (void)adDidShowWithImpressionData:(IAImpressionData * _Nonnull)impressionData withAdRequest:(IAAdRequest * _Nonnull)adRequest;

Subscription Example

IASDKCore.sharedInstance.globalAdDelegate = self;

Implementation Example

#pragma mark - IAGlobalAdDelegate

- (void)adDidShowWithImpressionData:(IAImpressionData * _Nonnull)impressionData withAdRequest:(IAAdRequest * _Nonnull)adRequest {
    NSLog(@"\n\nAd did show with impression data\
          \ndemandSourceName: %@\
          \ncountry: %@\
          \nsessionID: %@\
          \nadvertiserDomain: %@\
          \ncreativeID: %@\
          \ncampaignID: %@\
          \npricing value: %@\
          \npricingCurrency: %@\
          \nduration: %@\
          \nisSkippable: %@\
          \nspotID: %@\
          \nunitID: %@",
          impressionData.skippable ? @"YES" : @"NO",

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