Welcome to DT Exchange

Digital Turbine is a global technology company, developing the next generation monetization platform and products for mobile publishers.

DT Exchange is a programmatic monetization solution connecting publishers to over 180 top global demand sources representing the world's top brand and user-acquisition buyers.

DT Exchange provides publishers with full transparency into the their monetization data, with over 40 metrics and dimensions accessible via our industry leading Dynamic Reports platform, or via our flexible and robust suite of reporting APIs that include impression-level, user-level or placement-level data.

DT Exchange's lightweight SDK is simple to integrate, and comes complete with advanced server-side controls, first class ad rendering capabilities, and internal ad quality features, ensuring stable performance and ad experience across all supported ad formats.

The articles in this section are aimed at guiding publishers through the process and supporting them in setting up and configuring their apps.


To begin, the first step is to register to become a publisher.

Follow the steps here to begin.

Integrating the SDKs

The next step is to integrate the DT Exchange SDKs:


For details of our Reporting capabilities, click here.

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