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The purpose of this article is to guide publishers who want to use the DT FairBid SDK to load and display ads from Yahoo via DT FairBid Mediation.

This is a six-step process:

  1. Create or login to your Yahoo Account
  2. Create an app in Yahoo
  3. Create a placement for your app
  4. Retrieve the parameters from the Yahoo dashboard
  5. Insert the Yahoo parameters into the DT Console
  6. Add the Yahoo SDK to your integration

Yahoo Bidding support is available starting DT FairBid SDK 3.22.

Yahoo currently supports the following ad formats:

  • Banner
  • Interstitials
  • Rewarded (in the form of video-only interstitials from the Yahoo dashboard)

Refer to Yahoo for updates on supported ad formats.

Step 1: Create or Login to your Yahoo Account

For details on how to set-up a Yahoo account click here.  To login, click here.

Step 2: Create an App in Yahoo

To add an app to Yahoo Studio, click here.

Step 3: Create a Placement for your App

To create an ad placement in the Yahoo dashboard, click here.

Step 4: Retrieve the Parameters from the Yahoo Dashboard

To enable Yahoo to work as an Ad Network on the DT FairBid Mediation platform, you must obtain parameters from your Yahoo account and later insert them into the DT Console.

Set out below are the details of what parameters are required, how and where to obtain them.

Parameter Description
Organization ID The unique identifier of your app in the Yahoo system
Client ID The unique identifier of the client in the Yahoo system
Client Secret The unique identifier assigned to your Yahoo user
Site ID The unique identifier of your site in the Yahoo system
App ID The unique identifier of the app in the Yahoo system
Placement ID The unique identifier of the placement in the Yahoo system

Alternatively, watch and listen to the video below to find out how to obtain the required parameters:

To obtain these parameters, sign in to your Yahoo account, here.

Obtaining the Organization ID

A numeric value that can be found in the site URL when browsing Yahoo's Reports UI. It appears after the value "ocOrgId1M%3D".

See as an example, the highlighted section in the image below - 7897842775


Client ID and Client Secret

These parameters are retrieved by contacting Yahoo support. You must send an email to requesting credentials for the Analytics Reports API. Once support sets up your Reporting API account you receive an email with a link to the OAuth credential generation page.

App ID

This parameter is taken from the browser address bar while browsing Yahoo's Apps Sites UI, entering a specific app.


Site ID

To obtain the Site ID:

  1. Log in to your Yahoo SSP account
  2. From the Yahoo dashboard select the app you want to integrate with DT FairBid


  1. Click the three horizontal dots and select Edit

  1. The Site ID is displayed next to the name of the App.

Placement ID

  1. From the Yahoo dashboard select the app you want to integrate with DT FairBid
  2. Click the dropdown arrow to display existing placements


  1. Choose the placement from the dropdown list

The Placement ID is displayed.

Now that you have obtained this information, you can complete the configuration םf Yahoo’s Parameters in your DT Account. By adding the above information correctly, you can take full advantage of Yahoo’s ad inventory and reporting data on the DT FairBid Mediation platform. 

Step 5: Insert the Yahoo Parameters into the DT Console

Now that you have obtained the parameters from Yahoo, you can insert them into DT's console .

  1. Sign-in to your DT account
  2. Select your app from the App Management window

  3. On the App Management page, click Mediated Networks

  4. Select Yahoo from the list

  5. The Yahoo Mediation window opens. Enter the Yahoo app credentials and set the Instance name. Instance name should be distinguishable in case you have multiple Yahoo Instances.

  6. Click Save.

  7. To complete the set up, you must associate the network instance that you just created to the relevant Placement set up on the DT Console. For a detailed guide click here.

Step 6: Adding the Yahoo SDK to your Integration

To add the Yahoo SDK go to the Supported Networks page and follow the guide  while selecting the Configuration for Yahoo.


You must add your app's App Store ID in VerizonAdsSourceAppId key in the Info.plist file, as follows:


For more details, click here.

Yahoo and the Android Gradle plugin

To prevent building issues when integrating Yahoo through your Gradle build script, you must set the Android Gradle plugin to version 3.4.3 or higher.

If you are using Unity 2017 LTS or 2018 LTS, this plugin is configured within your mainTemplate.gradle file.

However, if you are using Unity 2019.4 or 2020.1 the plugin is configured in the baseProjectTemplate.gradle file.

Yahoo "collectionMode" for GDPR Opt-In

Depending on the publisher's GDPR setting, the DT FairBid SDK applies the collection mode changes for you. 

If the publisher opts in to GDPR consent, the collectionMode is set to "Collect".  If the publisher opts out of GDPR consent or there is no GDPR setting given at all, the collectionMode is set to "Do Not Collect".

SDK Bidding

Yahoo Bidding is currently part of a closed beta test. Please contact your DT or Yahoo Account Manager first to integrate Yahoo bidder.

To use Yahoo bidding, publishers must follow these steps:

  1. Integrate both the DT and Yahoo SDKs. Yahoo Bidding support is available starting DT FairBid SDK 3.22 and later versions.
  2. In the Yahoo dashboard, create apps and placements. Your Yahoo Account manager will provide you with Placement IDs and further instructions to begin integration.

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