Integrating Mediation Partners

This article is intended for both Publishers and Networks who want to use DT FairBid Mediation as their mediation platform. Each integration differs and depends on the platform your app is running on: Android, iOS or Unity.

Integration Platforms

Set out below are the links to the different integrations per product and platform.

Performing the Integration

Properly integrating Mediation requires configurations in the demand partner dashboard and DT's console.

We recommend using several ad networks to maximize your fill rate and global eCPM. Different ad networks have different strengths when it comes to regional coverage and the type of inventory they are looking to monetize.

Each network requires different parameters to be added to DT's console.
The general process that must be followed includes:

  1. Creating an account and adding an app to the network.
  2. Obtaining the required parameters for each network. Explanations of how to do this are detailed in each Network Integration Guide.
  3. Signing-in to your DT account and entering the parameters taken from the network in to your console.
  4. Adding the network SDKs to your Build. You can find the supported SDKs for the different networks here.

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