Unity Plugin Integration


Current SDK Version: 3.36.0

 This guide is intended for developers who are integrating the DT FairBid SDK with a Unity app.


  • Android 4.1 (API level 16)+ (when building for Android)
  • iOS 11+ (when building for iOS)
  • Unity 2019 LTS or later


  • The DT FairBid Unity SDK can only build iOS projects from a Mac - you cannot build your Xcode project on Windows
  • All DT SDKs and supported mediated networks work in conjunction with Android's 64-bit architecture

Integration Methods

Digital Turbine supports two methods for the integration in Unity:

  1. Integration through Unity's Package Manager
  2. Importing FairBid Unity Plugin Raw Package

Integrating Through Unity's Package Manager

This is the recommended method to integrate the DT FairBid SDK in your Unity project.

The DT FairBid Unity Plugin is provided as a package in the NPM package registry. This package is imported using Unity Package Manager.

To import the package:

  1. Add the following entries inside your manifest.json file, which you can find under the Packages folder:
  • Add an entry under scopedRegistries, so that unity knows where to search when adding the DT FairBid Unity Plugin dependency. This entry points to the NPM package registry:
    "scopedRegistries": [
            "name": "npmjs",
            "url": "https://registry.npmjs.org/",
            "scopes": [
  • Add an entry under dependencies, which references the DT FairBid Unity Plugin version that you intend to integrate:
    "dependencies": {
        "com.fyber.fairbid.unity": "3.36.0",
  1. Save the changes and open your Unity 3D Project.

The Unity Package Manager resolves the dependencies and now the DT FairBid Unity package should be integrated in the project.

Additionally, to cross-check the integration of DT FairBid:

  1. Go to the “Window” toolbar menu of Unity 3D
  2. Click Package Manager

You should see the following window pop-up with DT FairBid under the section DT and the DT FairBid SDK version:

You also have the possibility to change the version of the DT FairBid Unity Plugin that you are integrating through the Unity Package Manager.


The integrated DT FairBid Unity Plugin is a lightweight dependency. You must add the sources of the native DT FairBid SDKs for the platform you are building. Follow the instructions below.

Importing DT FairBid Unity Plugin Raw Package

Follow the instructions below to manually download the DT FairBid Unity Package.

Manual Download


Removing Current Plugin

If you are updating the Plugin:

  1. Make sure there is no trace of the previous version of the DT FairBid Plugin
  2. Remove the FairBid folder

This is a fail-safe way to ensure no legacy file is left behind:


If your current DT FairBid Plugin pre-dates version 3.4.1 refer to Migrating from the Old to New Structure below to ensure it is correctly removed.

Importing New Plugin

  1. Download the DT FairBid SDK
  2. Unzip the downloaded files
  3. Add the FairBid.unitypackage to your open Unity project


The integrated DT FairBid Unity Plugin is a lightweight dependency. The actual native SDKs are added to the respective build files (podfile on iOS, gradle files on Android) when you build/export your project.

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