Initialize the SDK

You must initialize the DT FairBid SDK using your DT App ID. This only needs to be performed once, ideally when the app is launched.

App ID

In the initialization code, replace the your_app_id value with the your App ID. This value is passed as a string.

DT SDK Initialization

import com.fyber.FairBid

FairBid.start("your_app_id", activity)
import com.fyber.FairBid;

FairBid.start("your_app_id", activity);

The DT App ID can be found in the App Management dashboard in the DT Console:

  1. Log in to the console, then click Monetization -> App Management
  2. A list of your apps is displayed. Next to each app you can find and copy the corresponding App ID:
  3. If you haven't set-up your app in the console yet, follow this guide

User ID

The User_ID is a unique identifier that allows you to recognize your individual users.

It is highly recommended to set a User ID, as it greatly assists with key functions such as server side rewarding, counting unique users accurately and user level reporting.

You can provide your own internal User ID. If you don’t already have one, we recommend you create one by assigning incremental numbers to each of your users, or any other similar method.

// recommended
// recommended

The User ID length must not exceed 256 characters.

Once you've successfully initialized the SDK, you can incorporate the Ad Format code snippets in your app.

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