The General Data Protection Regulation requires you to scope your user's consent. A user is within the GDPR scope for your app when one more of the following apply:

  • The user is currently located in the EU
  • The user has registered with the app as an EU resident
  • The app is specifically targeted to EU users


User Consent Not Passed
If you do not pass the user’s consent to the DT FairBid SDK, only contextual ads will be shown to that user and your revenue might be negatively affected.

We recommend that the first time you gather a user’s consent, you pass it onto the DT FairBid SDK before initializing it. The SDK will then take the user’s consent into consideration when initializing. In the following sessions for that user, you will only need to call the API in the event that the user updates his or her consent (the SDK caches the consent).

Once you have collected the user’s consent, you can pass it onto the SDK using the following API:

User Consent Given

Objective-C Swift
[FairBid user].GDPRConsent = YES;

[Optional] Additional User Consent String

Objective-C Swift

You can read more about GDPR here.

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