Advanced Initialization Options

There may be cases where you must add additional options when initializing the DT FairBid SDK. Below are some examples:

Objective-C Swift
#import <FairBidSDK/FairBid.h> 
FYBStartOptions *options = [[FYBStartOptions alloc] init];
options.logLevel = FYBLoggingLevelVerbose;
options.autoRequestingEnabled = NO;
options.isChild = YES;
[FairBid startWithAppId:@"1234" options:options];

App ID

In the initialization code above, you must replace the your_app_id value with the your App ID . This value is passed as a string.

For more information on how to obtain your App ID, click here.


This API must be called before initializing the SDK. For more information regarding how to flag users as children, click here.

This feature is available from DT FairBid SDK v.3.33.1 and higher.

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