Ad Format Behavior

This article sets the behavior of Display Interstitials and Rewarded ads, when rendered by the DT FairBid SDK.

Display Interstitials SDK Components

Interstitials are full-screen static or interactive ads. They are typically shown during natural transitions throughout your app; for example, on app open, after completing a game level, or while waiting for a new view to load.

Close Behavior

Unless the DSP is using MRAID useCustomClose, in which case they determine when the x-button is shown in their ad.

  • iOS: After a 2s delay, The x-button appears on the top right-hand side with a 2 second delay
  • Android: After a 2s delay, The back button is enabled with a 2 second delay

Interactivity & Embedded Games

Call to Action

  • The DSP controls which part of the ad is clickable, typically using a clear call to action

Video Playback Behavior

  • MRAID video is not supported on DT
  • DT prohibits DSPs from running in-banner video

Video SDK Components

Video Sound

  • A sound icon immediately appears on the upper left of the user’s screen with the option to mute/unmute sound
  • Videos play with sound on by default and respects the user’s device settings. If the device is muted, the sound does not play. DT added a capability for publishers to override sound settings per user session according to user settings within the app, starting from DT Exchange Android SDK version 7.4.0 and iOS 7.5.2.

Skip & Close

  • Videos 15s or shorter, are non-skippable and no skip button is shown. If a user completes the video, DT shows the end card immediately after video playback completes.
  • Videos 16s or longer are skippable after 5s and a Skip button is presented in the upper right hand corner after 5s. If the user completes the video, DT shows the end card immediately after the users skips the video or completes the video

Countdown Timer

  • A countdown timer immediately appears at the bottom left of the video and shows the remaining video duration passed in VAST XML

Call to Action

  • The CTA button appears immediately on the bottom right corner overlaying the video during playback
  • The user can click the CTA at any time and will be taken to the ad’s destination URL

Video Playback Behavior

  • When the user clicks the CTA button during video playback, they are taken to the DSPs landing page (app store, in-app browser, deep link). Once the landing page is closed, the video resumes playing according to the Skip & Close logic which is described here.
  • When the user taps the X button on the video end card, they return to the app (i.e., resume gameplay)

 Video End Card x-Button

  • The "x-button" on all video end cards appears on the upper right hand side after 3s.
  • There is no countdown timer on the end-card x-button
  • If a DSP provides their own MRAID end card and uses MRAID useCustomClose, DT adds a fail-safe X button to the video end card, which appears after 15 seconds
  • In-app, a CompanionAd, is commonly a display or rich media ad that follows the video experience. End cards are shown when the video is completed or skipped by the user and may be interactive. End cards often have a call-to-action for the user.

Rewarded Ads Video Player Elements


  • Rewarded Video is non-skippable and no skip button is presented

Close Button

  • The DT SDK handles the close button after 30 seconds (or sooner depending on video duration). Partners should not return their own custom close button or employ the useCustomClose() function for rewarded video, as this could cause issues. As a policy, DT does not allow any videos longer than 30s. Videos exceeding 30s may be blocked.

End Card

  • The DT SDK presents the end card upon video close if a companionAd is included in the ad markup of the bid response. Rewarded videos have the same end card behavior as non-rewarded videos. For more information, click here.


  • A countdown timer immediately appears at the top right corner of the video. Partner should not return their own countdown timer, as this might lead to issues.


  • Rewarded Videos must be 30s or less.


  • DT does not have any orientation restrictions, we abide by app and device settings.

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