Reporting API Metrics and Dimensions

Metrics define what type of data you want to include in your report. Dimensions allow you to filter the data set based on specific values. Names of metrics and dimensions are case sensitive.


Metrics are the data types that you want to include in your report. In your report request, you must include at least one of the following metrics.

Installs Count of installs as reported by the MMP
Impressions Count of impressions served as reported by DT
Clicks Count of clicks served as reported by DT
Preloads Count of preloads successfully loaded (opened and unopened) on device as reported by DT
Spend Gross Advertiser spend with DT in USD



You can specify filter data based on any of the following supported dimensions. The generated report only contains data defined by the filter value(s) you specify in your report request. For example, if you request the Country dimension and specify US and CA, the generated report includes the specified metrics related only to the United States and Canada.

The following table describes the supported dimensions and how to specify values for each dimension in your JSON report request.

Date A specific date. Specify the date in YYYY-MM-DD format (ISO 8601 format). string 2023-09-07
Country A specific country. Specify the two-character country code. string US CA RU
Campaign ID Universal campaign ID. Even if the campaign name changes, the campaign ID remains the same unique ID. string  
Campaign Name Universal campaign name. You can change the campaign name over the course of a campaign flight. Once the campaign name changes, the Reporting system uses the updated campaign name moving forward as well as for historic data. string  
App Name Name of the advertised app string MyFunGame
Store ID Name of the advertised app bundle string MyFunGamesPack
OS Advertised app platform string Android iOS

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