Using the Reporting API

The DT Growth Reporting API enables you to access performance and event data for active user acquisition (UA) campaigns running across all Digital Turbine formats. Before you can access report data, you must set up and activate a DT Growth campaign.

The DT Growth Reporting API is available daily, with a delay of up to 12 hours from the end of day UTC. Due to this delay, DT recommends waiting 12 hours after the end of the day UTC before generating a report for the previous day. If you request a report before this time, DT recommends requesting another report after the 12-hour window in order to ensure a complete data capture for the previous day.


  • You can request a maximum of 100 reports per day.
  • You can request a maximum of 5 reports per minute.
  • Data from the Reporting API is for performance analysis only. At the end of each month, DT shares comprehensive data that you can use for billing purposes.

To pull data via the Growth Reporting API, complete the following steps:

  1. Obtain an access token.
  2. Generate a Reporting API request.
  3. Download the requested report.

Obtain an Access Token

All requests for performance data via the Reporting API require an access token. To obtain an access token, you must first request credentials from your DT Representative and then pass those credentials using the POST method and /auth/v1/token endpoint. The Reporting API responds with your access token that is valid for 1 hour.

To obtain an access token:

  1. Request Reporting API access credentials (Client ID and Client Secret) from your DT Representative. Your DT Representative sends your credentials according to OAuth 2.0 protocol in an encrypted email via Proofpoint. Proofpoint then notifies you via email that you have an encrypted email.
  2. In the notification email from Proofpoint, either click the link to create a Proofpoint Encryption account, or, if you already have a Proofpoint account, click the link to log in to your account. If either the link lands on page with an error, download and open the attached file in notification email. Opening the file should trigger the login process.

    Once logged in, you can view the encrypted email that contains your Reporting API access credentials. If you have trouble accessing the encrypted email in Proofpoint, contact your DT Representative.

  3. Send a request using the POST method and the /auth/v1/token endpoint.

Generate a Report Request

You must include an access token with any report request. For more information about how to obtain an access token, see Obtain an Access Token. Once you obtain the access token, use the POST method and the /api/v1/report endpoint to request a custom report. You can use various supported metrics and dimensions to specify what types of data to include in the report. For a complete list of supported metrics and dimensions, see Reporting API Metrics and Dimensions.

All generated reports have the following features:

  • All monetary data is in US dollars (USD).
  • The time zone of the report is UTC.

Download the Requested Report

To download the requested report, perform polling on the URL (signed_url) from the successful response to a report request. The URL is valid for three hours.

Initial polling of the URL may show no report data. The Reporting system may take up to one hour to populate the report according to the report request. The Reporting system adds all report data to the empty report at once. Therefore, if there is any data present in the report, your report is complete. If your report is still not populated with data after one hour, resend the report request.

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