This is a multi-step guide for setting up your Digital Turbine campaign with Branch.

Step 1. Adding Digital Turbine as a Partner Network

Step 2. Enabling Agency Permissions

Step 3. Setting Up Cost Tracking

Step 1. Adding Digital Turbine as a Partner Network

  1. Click on Ads→Partner Management. Select Digital Turbine (Unified).


  1. Click on the POSTBACK CONFIG tab.


  1. Check the boxes under ALL EVENTS to send unattributed postbacks to Digital Turbine for optimization purposes. This also helps us exclude users from targeting.
  2. Click on the ATTRIBUTION WINDOWS tab.


  1. Ensure that the Use ad partner attribution settings box is checked and match the window settings above.


This is the standard setting for the lookback window. If you have any questions about how your specific campaign should be set up, please consult your Digital Turbine representative.

  1. Click Save.
  2. Click Create Digital Turbine (Unified) Link.


  1. Under App Only, select App Install or Engagement and click Continue.


  1. Enter a name for the link in the Name your link field.


  1. Verify the Link Type and Link Domain.
  2. Verify that the Which Ad Partner is this for? is Digital Turbine (Unified).
  3. Select an OS type from the Select OS type dropdown.
  4. Click Configure Options.
  5. On the DEEP LINKING tab, add any extra key-value pairs that are required.


  1. On the REDIRECTS tab, validate the iOS, Android, and Desktop redirects.


  1. (Optional) On the ANALYTICS TAGS tab, enter Channel, Campaign, or Tag values.


  1. Click Save.
  2. Copy the Click Tracking Link and the Impression Tracking Link, and send them to your Digital Turbine Representative.


Step 2. Enabling Agency Permissions

  1. Click on Account Settings.


  1. On the AGENCIES tab, click on Add New Agency.


  1. Search for and select Digital Turbine (Unified) as the Agency Name.


  1. Verify that Access Level is set to Custom.
  2. Match the Permissions for View and Edit to the image above.


This will give Digital Turbine the ability to view campaigns settings and basic reporting for troubleshooting purposes. If you have any questions on these settings, please reach out to your Digital Turbine representative.

  1. Match the Data Filters toggles to the image above to ensure that only Digital Turbine (Unified) data is shown.
  2. Click Invite.

Step 3. Setting Up Cost Tracking

At this time, Branch cannot send cost data directly to Digital Turbine. However, a direct integration with our Reporting API is available. Please contact your Digital Turbine representative if you want to know more about this option.

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