This is a multi-step guide for setting up your Digital Turbine campaign with Adjust.

Step 1. Adding Digital Turbine as a Partner Network

Step 2. Setting Up Tracker

Step 3. Contacting Adjust

Step 4. Sharing  Dashboard View Access

Step 1. Adding Digital Turbine as a Partner Network

Network Selection

  1.  In the left navigation menu, click Campaigns→Ad networks.

  1. Click New network in the top right corner.

  1. In the search field at the top right, start typing Digital Turbine, select the Digital turbine tile, then click Next at the bottom right.

  1. Select the desired app for configuration, then click Next at the bottom right.


If you set up your app with both Android and iOS platforms together, select that app group.

  • Enable data sharing for Digital Turbine: turn on the Enabled and Enable New API toggles.


If using an app group (both Android and iOS), complete the steps below accordingly for each platform.

  1. Under Set your data sharing options, select Data from all attribution sources in the radio group, and check the Sessions and In-app revenue checkboxes.

  1. Under Map your events, click Map event.

  1. For each selected Adjust event you are configuring, use the event from the list below.


Digital Turbine machine learning algorithms rely on standard event names to improve ad targeting, optimization, measurement, and insights. For best results, use these names for event mapping:

  • app_open
  • purchase
  • level_achieved
  • ad_click
  • ad_view
  • login
  • add_payment_info
  • add_to_cart
  • add_to_wishlist
  • checkout_initiated
  • complete_registration
  • complete_tutorial
  • reservation
  • update
  • subscribe
  • search
  • view_content
  • credits_spent
  • achievement_unlocked
  • app_rated
  • tutorial_complete
  • social_share

If there's no suitable name on this list for an event, you can add an arbitrary event name. However, make sure there are no spaces and special characters in it other than the underscore ( _ ).

  1. Repeat to configure all desired events, and then click Next.
  2. The page will show the data hierarchy of the Adjust tracker. No changes are needed on this page. Click Next.

Step 2. Setting Up Tracker

Setting Up User Destinations

  1. In the Add a redirect and Add a fallback, sections keep the default: App stores.

  1. Click Next.

Configuring Attribution Settings

Note: Attribution settings are inherited from the app-level settings. These can be overridden at the Network level by clicking the Edit button.

  1. In the Clicks area, click the Edit icon to the right.

  1. For Device matching, set the Attribution window to 30 days.
  2. Turn on the Enable probabilistic modeling toggle, and set the Attribution window to 24 hours.
  3. Do not turn on the Enable temporary attribution toggle.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 15.02.51.png

  1. In the Impressions area, click the Edit icon to the right.
  2. Turn on the Enable device matching toggle, and set the Attribution window to 24 hours.
  3. Turn on the Enable probabilistic modeling toggle, and set the Attribution window to 24 hours.

Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 17.19.16.png

  1. Click Save.


To set up proper attribution of pre-installed apps, your engineering team needs to configure the Adjust SDK accordingly:

Reviewing the Setup

  1. Review the configuration, and click Create Link.

Creating Tracking Links

  1. Under Link URLs, copy the Click URL and Impression URL and send to your Account Manager at Digital Turbine so that they can configure your campaign.

Step 3. Contacting Adjust

Two more things that need to be taken care of are allowlisting Digital Turbine and enabling Direct Attribution.

Why is this important?


Adjust must first allowlist Digital Turbine for the tracker token. This removes Digital Turbine from being false-positively flagged by the distribution outlier filter, one of many fraud filters that Adjust has in place. This is due to the nature of our ad unit.

Direct Attribution

Adjust must add your tracker token to enable Direct Attribution tracking as well. Enabling Direct (or Pre-Install) Attribution gives Digital Turbine longer lookback window options, deterministic matching without a device ID, and attribution priority for Digital Turbine above other ad engagements (impressions and clicks). Credit goes to Digital Turbine because the app is installed directly on device as opposed to redirecting to the Store. Direct Attribution is only applicable for apps installed through Digital Turbine’s Ignite software.

We have prepared an e-mail template that you should use: copy and paste it or, alternatively, click Send Email to open an (almost) ready-made draft in you default e-mail client.


Make sure to include your tracker token, which you can look up in the tracking links you created. The tracker token is the underlined part of the URL before the ? mark:

Click URL[CAMPAIGN_NAME]&additional_parameters…
Impression URL]&additional_parameters…
E-mail template to copy and paste
[Add your Growth Manager’s email address]
Digital Turbine Campaign Settings


Please apply the below settings to the tracker token [INSERT TRACKER TOKEN HERE]:

  • Allowlist the above token for fraud algorithms.
  • Prioritize Preinstall Attribution on the above token with a 365 day look-back window.

Thank you,

Step 4. Sharing Dashboard View Access

  1. Click the Settings icon in the bottom left of the dashboard menu, and select Account settings.

  1. Open the Users tab, and click New user in the top right corner.

  1. For Feature permissions, check the Add  spend data, Ad revenue data, and In-app revenue data toggles.


  1. Use the values below to fill out the user details, and click Create new user.
First name
Last name

  1. Set the user's role to Custom, and click Edit user's custom permissions.

  1. At the Apps page that opens, for the relevant App from the list, set the Role to Custom, and click on Links & Partners in the right column.

  1. On the Partners tab, search for Digital Turbine, and check the Enable checkbox.
  2. On the Links tab, search for Digital Turbine, and turn on the toggles for each link desired for cost to be enabled.

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